X-Tekh New Generation Bio-Fertilizer
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  • Macronutrients:
    • N/Nitrogen – Encourage vegetative growth.
    • P2O5/Phosphorus – Promotes root development, helps in flower and fruit production.
    • K2O/Potassium – Promotes fruit maturation and uniformity.
    • MgO/Magnesium – Aids in soil pH stabilization and stimulates bacterial activity in N-fixation.
    • CaO/Calcium – Important in cell wall structure, cell division, enzymes, and as an enzyme activator.
    • S/Sulfur – Part of protein, amino acids, vitamins; important in respiration.
  • Micronutrients:
    • B/Boron – Important in sugar transport.
    • Zn/Zinc – Promotes production of growth hormones, starch formation and seed production.
    • Mn/Manganese – Is involved in enzyme activity for photosynthesis and nitrogen metabolism.
    • Fe/Iron – Is necessary for photosynthesis and chlorophyll formation.
    • Cu/Copper – Important in protein and carbohydrate metabolism.
    • Mo/Molybdenum – Promotes nitrogen fixation.
    • Co/Cobalt – Is for nitrogen fixation in legumes and in root nodules.
  • Organic Acid:
    • Humic Acid – Release of Nitrogen for organic nutrient.
    • Amino Acid – Organic nutrient for plants.
  • Plant Growth Promoting Microorganisms:
    • Nitrogen Fixing Microorganism (NFM) – (Azotobacter, Filamentous, Rhizobia) NFM can transform N2 to ammonia by biological nitrogen fixation; NFM may increase the nitrogen uptake.
    • Lactobacillus Series – Creates natural plant enzymes producing organic acid as a bio regulator that can promote mineral elements for the absorption of crops. Liberates "LOCK-UP" Potassium.
    • Phosphorus Solubilizing Microorganism (PSM) – Breakdowns insoluble phosphate in the soil and transform them to phosphorus, iron and calcium fertilizer.
    • Mycorrhiza (P) – Act as Root extenders to enhance nutrient uptake. Provide protection from parasitic fungi/bacteria and nematode e.g. Stem rot, Root disease, Fusarium wilt.
    • Yeast Group Series – Creates vitamins, growth hormones and decomposes organic material for strengthening antibiotic diseases.
    • Actinomycete Series – It secretes antibiotic material to help curb diseases.
    • Bacillus Series – Plant protection and bio control.
    • Fluorescent Pseudomonas Series – Biological control of soil borne disease e.g. Stem rot, Phytophthora, Damping off.
    • Trichoderma Series – Enhance root development Biocontrol for damping off, fusarium wilt, sheath blight and Phytophthora. Facilitate decomposition of organic matter.

Note: Above component is for Liquid Bio-Fertilizer Microorganisms. Liquid Potassium Bio-Fertilizer has the same properties except for its macronutrients - contains K2O/Potassium and MgO/Magnesium.

Diagram of Microorganisms Role in Plant growth

Composition of X-Tekh Biofertilizer