X-Tekh New Generation Bio-Fertilizer
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X-Tekh M5 Bio-Fertilizer Powder
What is X-Tekh?
X-Tekh New Generation Liquid Bio-Fertilizers (Bio-Fertilizer Microorganisms and Potassium Bio-Fertilizer) is a product resulting from the joint technology on current fertilization from Japan and Taiwan. It is a laboratory produced liquid of selected live microorganisms known to be very important for plant growth. Together with essential organic and non organic nutrients, the resulting compound makes it a significant bio-technological advance in agriculture and plant nutrition - a "Revolutionary Bio-Fertilizer".

X-Tekh Bio-Fertilizer acts on plants by providing the necessary microorganisms that multiplies and actively help in making essential nutrients available for the plant. Clustering around root systems, these microorganisms symbiotically help process soil nutrients (release the "locked-up" nutrients) for ready uptake and utilization necessary to maximize plant growth as well as protect plants from diseases caused by harmful conditions in the soil. - A Nutrient Booster.

Simply said, X-Tekh conditions the soil environment and provides the necessary nutrients for optimum plant growth. Restoring the normal fertility of the soil helping farmers cultivate the land generation after generation.

Diagram of elemental absorption of plants at different pH levels

Vicious cultivation cycle
Fertilizers are known to have benefited man in our pursuit for a productive harvest. Since the 1950's, farmlands in the Philippines have been introduced to a variety of these fertilizers and the most commonly used are in the pure inorganic forms. Not known to us then is the unintended effects caused by repeated application of these inorganic fertilizers. It is now known that the re-application of these fertilizers season after season has caused a gradual change in the soil pH levels. A condition, that leads to a decrease in the naturally occurring microorganisms as well as affects the roots ability to absorb certain elements in the soil. The absence of beneficial micro flora and the abnormal absorption ability of the roots lead to an overall decline in the uptake of nutrients - causing a series of events affecting plant growth, the environment and costs.

Re-Introducing Microorganisms and Organics
The addition of Microbial and organic elements in a fertilizer become the key in solving the shortened life span of the soil for cultivation. These "liquid Bio-fertilizers" re-introduces essential nutrients to the soil without adversely changing the soil pH. Maximizing nutrient absorption to the plant and conditions the soil for future cultivation. Soil pH level is restored to its normal level - a healthy plant environment.

Why "Liquid" Bio-Fertilizers?
In the solid forms of bio-fertilizers (carrier-based), the microorganisms have a shelf life of only six months. The population density of these microbes at the time of production reduces day by day reaching to almost nil amounts at the end of the 6th month. Further more, they are less tolerant to UV rays and temperatures more than 30 degrees. That's why the carrier-based bio-fertilizers were not effective and did not become popular among the farmers.

These defects are rectified and fulfilled in the case of Liquid Bio-fertilizers. The shelf life of the microbes in these liquid bio-fertilizers reach as much as three years and has a higher temperature tolerance (55 degrees) and exposure to ultra violet radiations. The application of 1 ml of liquid bio-fertilizer is equivalent to the application of a 1 kg, 5-month-old carrier based bio-fertilizer (1000 times). Since these are liquid formulations, the application in the field is also very simple and easy. They are applied using hand sprayers, power sprayers, fertigation tanks and as basal manure mixed along with FYM etc.

  • Improved Root Development and Growth - increase Nutrient uptake
  • Increase in Quantity - crop yield
  • Increase in Quality - color, taste and size of fruit
  • Healthy crops, resistant from pests and diseases
  • Aids uniform Crop establishment
  • Modulates soil pH (stabilizes soil Acidity) and Salinity
  • Restores the normal soil Micro Flora
  • Improves Soil Structure for optimum water retention making it tolerant to el Niño
  • Provides protection against Frost
  • Reduces Fertilizer requirement
  • Reduces Leaching (run off) problems
  • Environment Friendly - non-toxic and safe to use
  • Easy to handle and apply
  • Improved Product Shelf life
  • Increase in Returns/Profits due to lower input costs with improved yield and quality
X-Tekh Products
X-TEKH New Generation Liquid Bio-Fertilizer Microorganisms
FPA Registration No. 1-2IF-1101
in 1 Liter and 250 ml bottles and in 35 ml sachet

X-TEKH New Generation Liquid Potassium Bio-Fertilizer
FPA Registration No. 1-1IF-2187
in 1 Liter and 250 ml bottles
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