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September 10, 2008
Baguio Midland Courier Official Website

The Lowly Sunflower
By Jimmy Laking

Behind the success of some organic farmers in Benguet is one plant that grows in abundance in the wild, the sunflower (Helianthus annuus).

It is a plant you find growing with abandon beside roads, slopes, and on the edges of farms. Like the Benguet lily, it is noticed best when its flower blooms yellow in the sun as bees buzz in and out to sip its nectar.

And because it grows in colonies, its effect on passersby can be something else. Ireneo Domoguen, a respected barangay official of Paco in Mankayan, Benguet recalled one time when the former governor Borromeo Melchor visited the village to inaugurate a water system.

The governor, he said, started early from his residence in La Trinidad and took advantage of the long trip to take a few winks. But somewhere along the way, he waved his hands along an area where he mistook a groove of swaying and brightly colored sunflowers for a group of people waving their hands in welcome!

"There was laughter when the governor himself told what happened," the Paco official said.

Jefferson Laruan, La Trinidad's organic farming guru, said crushed sunflower leaves mixed with water can be used in place of the commercial Urea as growth enhancer and protection against harmful soil organisms.

"A farm applied with this antidote does not need pesticide as the pests would shy away," he declared matter-of-factly.

One neighbor was earlier observed dumping sunflower leaves in between garden rows. When these decomposed after a few days, they were used to hill up his tomato plants and his example is one of the true-to-life stories recounted in the capital town on how sunflower can make a difference in farming.

Incidentally, one organic-based fertilizer that seemed to have gained the nod of vegetable farmers in the province and can be used for almost all kinds of temperate crops is the X-Tekh Bio-Fertilizer - among a new generation of a technology-based bio-fertilizer developed in Japan and Taiwan.

Like sunflower leaves or perhaps even much more than the effect of sunflower concoction organic farmers use in their farms, this innovative liquid fertilizer has been known to improve root growth, increase crop yield, and shield the plant from pest and diseases as can be attested by Dr. Silvestre Kudan of the Benguet State University. Among its varied benefits, I like best that part about its being non-toxic (meaning you can mistake it for an alcohol and still emerge alive and kicking), something one cannot say of the many products that dominate the shelves of farm supply establishments.

The Lowly Sunflower

August 23, 2008
Manila Bulletin Online or Manila Bulletin, Agriculture Section, B-5

New Fertilizer Performs Well
By Zac B. Sarian

A recently introduced biofertilizer produced by Japanese and Taiwanese scientists is performing very well under local experiments.

This is the X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer which is good for practically all crops, and is distributed by AA Bio-Tekh Enterprises. In trials in six different sugarcane plantations in Negros Occidental, the yield of cane plants significantly increased. In the farm of Arturo Ledesma, for instance, the tons canes per hectare was 99.51 compared to 81.66 tons for the plants fertilized with the regular chemical fertilizer.

In the field treated with X-Tekh, the amount of regular chemical fertilizer was reduced by 30 percent and replaced by X-Tekh. Combining X-Tekh with organic fertilizer and with just a supplemental amount of chemical fertilizer was observed to be best. Based on the performance in six plantations, the best combination is two tons organic fertilizer, 5 liters of X-Tekh (applied two times), 4 bags of urea and 3 bags of 0-0-60 (muriate of potash).

Alex Acidera, director of AA BioTekh Enterprises, explains that X-Tekh contains many kinds of beneficial microorganisms. When the liquid fertilizer is applied in the soil, the microorganisms cluster around the root systems and symbiotically help introduce the macronutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) as well as the micronutrients through nitrogen fixation, phosphate solubilization, and some other processes. At the same time, there are other important microorganisms that protect the plants from parasitic fungi, bacteria, nematodes and other soilborne diseases.

It is further explained that X-Tekh contains phosphate solubilizing bacteria which can solubilize the insoluble phosphates, making them available for plant use. How? These microorganisms (Pseudomonas, bacillus, aspergillus and green pennicillium) produce organic acids, i.e., lactic, gluconic, fumeric, succinic and acitic acids which solubilize the insoluble phosphates.

The same organisms are known to produce amino acids, vitamins and growth promoting substances like Indole Acetic Acid (IAA) and Gibberellic Acid (GA) which contribute to healthy plant growth.

Sugarcane Field in Negros Province

Trials in six different sugarcane plantations in Negros Occidental revealed a significant increase in yield.

PGMA extends aid to boost productivity of Mindanao’s small agri producers

HEIGHTENED FOCUS ON MINDANAO’S AGRI. Vice President Noli de Casto delivers President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s message to Mindanao agricultural producers, processors and growers at the recent 1st Mindanao Agri and Food Convention in Cagayan de Oro City last April 23-25, 2007. PGMA affirms her commitment to support the agriculture sector in Mindanao prioritizing infrastructure, capability-building and marketing projects through the Department of Agriculture. Also in the photo (L-R) are Undersecretary Virgilio Leyretana, Chair of the Mindanao Economic Development Council (MEDCo) and Engr. Edwin Andot, Convention Chairperson and President of the Chamber of Agriculture, Fisheries and Allied Industries (CAFFINORMIN).

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY – The Arroyo administration affirms its strong thrust to support small farmers, fisherfolks and agricultural producers of Mindanao as it lines up projects to improve agricultural productivity in the island-region and ensure food sustainability in the country.

In a message delivered by Vice-President Noli de Castro at the recently-concluded 1st Mindanao Agri and Food Convention (MAFCON) here last week, President Arroyo said that a total of P2.5 billion worth of funds has been allocated by the Department of Agriculture for irrigation projects which will generate employment for some 487,000 Mindanawons.

”Agriculture remains the backbone of our economy, so if you want to grow our economy faster and create more jobs, then we have to give our farmers and farm lands the attention they deserve,” the President’s message reads.

AA BioTekh Ent. Co., is among the several exhibitors present during the three-day activity which was held April 23-25, 2007. Also included other than the exhibits of agricultural products are tours to different farms and plantations.

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Vice President Noli de Casto, inspecting an X-Tekh Bio-Fertilizer

Vice President Noli de Casto, inspecting an X-Tekh New Generation Bio-Fertilizer, was pleased to see the availability of revolutionary products for agriculture.

1-Liquid Fertilizer to Lessen use of Synthetic Supplements
By Rommer S. Sarmiento

Koronadal City -- A local firm has been promoting what it touted as a revolutionary high-technology liquid compound fertilizer to lessen the use of synthetic farm supplements.

AA Bio-Tekh Enterprise Co. started importing the liquid bio-fertilizer from Taiwan early this year and is convincing farmers to try the product.

Recently, the Manila-based firm launched its product in this capital city of the largely agricultural South Cotabato province, which was attended by about 100 farmers and agricultural officers from nearby Sultan Kudarat.

Alexander Acidera, company director, said their product could restore the fertility of the soil and, thus, enhance farm productivity.

"This product is new here and even abroad. It was designed to slowly reduce inorganic farming practices that burden the farmers with the high cost of chemical supplements," he told BusinessWorld. He described the product, X-TEKH New Generation Liquid Bio-Fertilizer, as a "complete fertilizer." Based on the firm's study, the farmers were told that farm yield can increase by as much as 20% if applied with the bio-fertilizer.

Mr. Acidera said the product combines the microbial, organic and nonorganic components. According to a product briefer, the symbiotic relationship that the microorganisms within X-TEKH biofertilizer form with the plant allows nutrients to be rapidly taken through its root system.

The microorganisms attach and cluster around the plant root system and process compounds in the soil together with essential organic and nonorganic components, making these nutrients available for the plant's consumption, it added.

X-TEKH biofertilizer has macronutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium and sulfur. It also has boron, zinc, manganese, iron, copper, molybdenum, cobalt, selenium and germanium.

Among the product's organic components are humic acid, amino acid and organic acid, while the plant growth promoting microorganisms (bacteria series) includes azospirillum, rhizobium, bacillus, lactobacillus, phosphate solubilizing, photosynthetic and fluorescent pseudomonas.

The product's plant growth promoting microorganisms (fungi components) are yeast group, actinomycete (streptomyces) and trichoderma. Before the product's launch, Mr. Acidera said they have introduced it in Bacolod and Cebu in the Visayas and in Carmen, North Cotabato in Mindanao. The next product launching will be in Bukidnon, he added.

Nandy Fariolan, president of the Farmers' Association of Lutayan in Sultan Kudarat province, told BusinessWorld in another interview he is inclined to use the product after hearing the presentation.

Mr. Fariolan maintains a six-hectare rice field in Barangay Tamnag in Lutayan and in his farming said the average yield is about 100 bags per hectare during wet season and 80 to 90 bags during dry season. Should the product increase farm yield, he vowed to promote it among the association's more than 2,000 members. Mr. Acidera said the product should be mixed with water before applying to the farm land to induce the soil nutrients.

He bared plans to locally manufacture the product through a joint venture with the Taiwanese firm which he did not identify.

Mr. Acidera said they have linked up with banana and pineapple fruit companies such as Lapanday, Dole Philippines, Inc. and Del Monte Philippines, Inc. to test their products in their plantations. He noted that the product can be applied to virtually all kinds of agricultural crops.

Nonito Franje, the firm's technical consultant, said the product could also increase the resistance of the plants to pests or insects, he told BusinessWorld.

For the dreaded tungro virus in palay, Mr. Franje said the product cannot totally eliminate it but it can manage the level of infestation. Essentially, Mr. Franje claimed the plants in farms applied with the company's product would have healthier looks. He said the product could modulate soil pH. "The ideal pH reading of the soil should be a neutral pH 6.5 to 7 for the plant's optimal growth. When soil is neutral in nature, the root of the plant can easily absorb the nutrients, which translates into healthier plants," he added.

X-Tekh New Generation Liquid Bio-Fertilizer

X-TEKH New Generation Liquid Bio-Fertilizer is designed to slowly reduce inorganic farming practices that burden the farmers with the high cost of chemical supplements.

Bio-Fertilizer to be Launched
By Rommer S. Sarmiento

The X-Tekh New Generation Liquid Bio-fertilizer Microorganisms will be launched at the Business Inn in Bacolod City at 7 p.m. tomorrow by AA Bio-Tekh Enterprises, the Filipino company that brought the product from Taiwan.

Director Alexander Acidera said that with their bio-fertilizer, they are bringing in a new technology for growers and farmers who can get long-term benefits from their products.

He said that their Taiwanese supplier is a company which boosts of P1 billion worth of research and laboratory equipment.

Consultant Nonito Franje, a plant pathologist, said their product is a revolutionary high technology compound fertilizer consisting of microbial, organic, and non-organic minerals. He said the action of microorganic within X-Tekh New Generation Liquid Bio-fertilizer helps release the "locked up" nutrients in the soil for ready plant uptake and utilization.

These microorganisms cluster around root systems and symbiotically or associatively help convert soil nutrients and also protect plants from diseases caused by harmful conditions in the soil, he said.

In using the product, the grower/farmer can expect increased yields by 20 to 30 percent for sugarcane; improved quality of crops; reduced stress in crops; deficiency correction; longer storage capacity; improved tree vigor; reduced frost injury; and a buffer for pesticides, Franje also said.

Consultant Nonito Franje (3rd from left) said their product is a revolutionary high technology compound fertilizer consisting of microbial, organic and non-organic minerals.