X-Tekh New Generation Bio-Fertilizer
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Dr. Silvestre Kudan
Dr. Silvestre Kudan
The prices of fertilizers are so expensive that farmers in Benguet and Mountain Province might not be able to obtain profit from their vegetable crops any more. Besides, several fertilizer brands particularly foliar that farmers are confused on which should give the most benefits. There is a good choice which is not only cheaper but also beneficial to the crop, the soil and the farmer. Our studies in La Trinidad, Benguet on romaine, pechay and carrot clearly show the advantages.

The crops were grown inside greenhouse with 3.5% organic matter, 140 ppm phosphorous and 1,510 ppm potassium. With this soil analysis, early maturing crops like romaine, pechay and spinach may not need supplemental fertilizer application. However, the application of X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer resulted to slight increase in yields giving higher return on investments.

Romaine applied with 1.5 ml X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer per liter of water obtained the highest return on investment of 566.13% while the farmers practice of base dressing chicken dung and side dressing 14-14-14 obtained 259.26%. Similarly, carrot applied with X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer at the rate of 2.5 ml per two liter of water obtained 121.16 % return on investment compared to the 77.66 % ROI from the farmers practice. The different schedule of applying X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer at 6:00, 9:00 A.M., 12:00 noon, 3:00 and 6:00 P.M. have consistent trend in all data gathered where pechay applied with the foliar fertilizer at 3:00 PM obtained 519.63% ROI while those crops applied 6:00 AM or 6:00 PM obtained 480.19% and 432.67% ROI, respectively.

The application of X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer was observed to raise the soil pH. This is apparent in the study where the soil pH was 5.53 to 5.86 during the first week of application, but on the fourth week the soil pH registered 6.33 to 6.50. Two studies have shown the trend in increasing the soil pH when X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer was applied while the farmers practice of applying fresh chicken dung as base dress fertilizer then side dressed the crop with 14-14-14 recorded the lowest pH, which was lower than from the plots not applied with fertilizer at all. The continuous application of inorganic fertilizers in Benguet and Mountain Province is the cause of very low soil pH ranging from 4.1 to 4.8.

It was also observed that the roots of plants applied with X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer have more and longer than those from the farmers practice, which were not only few and short but brownish from taproots to root hairs.

Clearly, X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer is a good choice not only in terms of economics, but in its role in improving the soil due to the beneficial microorganisms, macro and micronutrient elements content and humic acid content. Not all the contents are found in other foliar fertilizers.

Dr. Silvestre Kudan
PhD of Horticulture
Department of Agriculture
Benguet State University
La Trinidad


Strawberries from Mr. Tawa's Farm Mr. Mateo Tawa, farmer at Swamp, La Trinidad, Benguet, rented 500 sq.m. composed of 30 plots planted with 5 rows strawberry runners. During the vegetative stage, he sprayed X-Tekh Liquid Bio-fertilizer Microorganisms at 3 tbsp per 16L of water then X-Tekh Potassium at the start of flowering and later alternated X-Tekh Liquid Bio-fertilizer Potassium with X-Tekh Liquid Bio-fertilizer Microorganisms at 7-day intervals. As a result, he was able to harvest 1½ kilogram of berries per plot every harvest compared to the 1 kilogram per plot without X-Tekh Bio-fertilizer application. "I was able to harvest an additional 15 kilograms from the area" he explained, which when sold at P75.00 per kilo means additional income.

Mr. Mateo Tawa
Swamp, La Trinidad, Benguet
Crop: Strawberry

Mr Mateo Segundo Mr. Mateo Segundo sprayed X-Tekh Liquid Bio-fertilizer Microorganisms 4 times and X-Tekh Liquid Bio-fertilizer Potassium 2 times to his Chinese cabbage plants. After 60 days, he harvested the Chinese cabbage which is supposed to mature in 70 days. Besides, there was an increase in yield from 4,500 kilos (without X-Tekh) to 5,600 kilos (X-Tekh applied) from the area he is cultivating.

Mr Mateo Segundo
Pan-ayawan, Loo, Buguias, Benguet
Crop: Chinese Cabbage

Mr. Ador Pedro Brothers Ador (on photo) and Rex Pedro of Atok, Benguet planted cabbages without using X-Tekh Liquid Bio-fertilizer Microorganisms and X-Tekh Liquid Bio-fertilizer Potassium. Their cabbages look stunted with no hope of recovery due to infestation of clubroot disease caused by Plasmodiophora brassicae. The plants wilt when there is strong sunlight. The two brothers’ strong desire to get a return from their investments rather than to allow the heavy loss, they decided to use X-Tekh Liquid Bio-fertilizer. After spraying with X-Tekh Liquid Bio-fertilizer Microorganisms, they noticed a gradual change to green, broader and thicker leaves. The application of X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer Microorganisms then X-Tekh Potassium during head formation helped in minimizing the clubroot disease enhancing shiny leaves that helped the brother-farmers regain their investment.

Mr. Ador Pedro
Atok, Benguet
Crop: Cabbage

Mr. Andrew Alonzo Mr. Andrew Alonzo, a tomato grower at Cavanao, Shilan, La Trinidad, Benguet used X-Tekh Liquid Bio-fertilizer for the first time on his tomato plants cv. Marimar in 2006. Despite the strong typhoon that flooded his farm that year, his tomato plants were able to recover after spraying with X-Tekh Liquid Bio-fertilizer Microorganisms, which promoted formation of new shoots and buds. In addition, his expenses on commercial fertilizer decreased while crop yield increased. "Maybe if I did not use X-Tekh Liquid Bio-fertilizer I could have harvested nothing" he ended.

Mr. Andrew Alonzo
Cavanao, Shilan, La Trinidad, Benguet
Crop: Tomato (Marimar var.)

Mr. Jerson Kimat A working student and earning his living as a farmer, Mr. Jerson Kimat of Palew, Tublay, Benguet, spends his time on a 500 square meter greenhouse every morning and after classes. Not having enough resources to buy fertilizer and chemicals to sustain his broccoli plants, he decided to use X-Tekh Liquid Bio-fertilizer upon hearing its economical use over the radio. In a few days after spraying, his plants turned green and healthy despite the little amount of triple 14 he applied. Though some plants were infested with clubroot, he was still able to harvest a sizeable amount as Mr. Kimat happily narrated.

Mr. Jerson Kimat
Palew, Tublay, Benguet
Crop: Broccoli

Mr. Arnold Dario Mr. Arnold Dario, a cut-flower grower at Sablang, Shilan, La Trinidad, Benguet, observed after applying X-Tekh Liquid Bio-fertilizer to his chrysanthemum, the petals were bigger, stems are sturdier and the leaves were greener. On the other hand, his aster plants were twice bigger and healthier when he applied X-Tekh Liquid Bio-fertilizer Microorganisms compared to the control or the plants not applied at all. He was able to save from not buying Berelex (gibberillic acid) since X-Tekh Bio-fertilizer contain microorganisms that will secret growth hormones to promote plant growth.

The farmer also observed that the cut flowers remained fresh in the market after 3 days compared to the other flowers not treated with X-Tekh clearly proving that X-Tekh Liquid Bio-fertilizer can prolong shelf life of flowers and even vegetables.

Mr. Arnold Dario
Sablang, Shilan, La Trnidad, Benguet
Crop: Asther and Chrysanthemum

Mr. Diosdado Baldino Mr. Diosdado Baldino of Caliking, Atok, Benguet has been applying X-Tekh Liquid Bio-fertilizer on his farm at Km. 13, Shilan, La Triniadad, Benguet. Mr. Baldino was able to reduce production cost by reducing the use of commercial fertilizers when he started using X-Tekh Liquid Bio-fertilizer. Unlike other farmers who are selfish in sharing their experiences, he invited his neighbor-farmers and the X-Tekh technician to his farm planted with lettuce, pak choi, pechay, spinach, and potato. The farmer explained that the initial soil pH was 3.0 to 4.2, which increased to 5.0-6.2 after applying X-Tekh Liquid Bio-fertilizer. Mr. Baldino emphasized to his neighbor-farmers that the benefit of reducing the amount of commercial fertilizers and chemical use with healthier plants results to net income. He also observed that the clubroot disease on Brassicas was minimized. This sharing made his neighbor-farmers start using X-Tekh Liquid Bio-fertilizer Microorganisms and X-Tekh Liquid Potassium Bio-fertilizer.

Mr. Diosdado Baldino
Caliking, Atok, Benguet
Crop: Lettuce, Chingkang, spinach, and Potato

Mr. Mario Ventura Mr. Mario Ventura, a humble farmer at Tili, Shilan, La Trinidad, Benguet planted leaf lettuce and iceberg lettuce on his 600 square meter lot as additional source of income. Prior to using X-Tekh Liquid Bio-fertilizer, 6 plants of leaf lettuce usually weigh 1 kilogram. However, when he used X-Tekh Liquid Bio-fertilizer Microorganisms thrice at every 7 days interval (from transplanting), only 4 plants of leaf lettuce weigh 1 kilogram which have economic importance.

Similarly, the iceberg lettuce sprayed with X-Tekh Liquid Bio-fertilizer Microorganisms twice with 7 days interval after hilling up matured 10-days earlier compared to the plants of his neighbors who were planted at the same time.

Mr. Mario Ventura
Tili, Shilan, La Trinidad, Benguet
Crop: Leaf Lettuce and Heading Lettuce

Mrs. Lolita Magno Mrs. Lolita Magno, a farmer of Jappa, Shilan, La Trinidad, Benguet applied X-Tekh Liquid Bio-fertilizer Potassium to her cucumber plants before flowering stage as instructed by the X-Tekh technicians. Following the protocol, she sprayed thrice at 7 days interval. She compared her previous crops and observed better cucumber flower and fruit development from X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer applied plants with increased yields.

Mrs. Lolita Magno
Jappa, Shilan, La Trinidad, Benguet
Crop: Cucumber


Mr. Enrico Wanasen "Nang una kong ginamit ang X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer Microorganisms sa aking palay dito sa Brgy. Natividad, Nueva Ecija, nakita ko ang epekto o pruweba at ang kaibahan nya sa granular na pataba. Binigyan ako ng mas maraming suwi at ang mga dahon ay matinghas. Sinubukan ko namang gamitin ang X-Tekh Liquid Potassium Bio-Fertilizer sa sumasapaw na palay at binigyan nya muli ako ng pruweba - mahahaba ang uhay ng tanim. Patuloy ko pong ginagamit ang X-Tekh hanggang sa ngayon at patuloy po nating palakasin ang pag-gamit ng X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer."

Mr. Enrico Wanasen
Financier BLO
Bitas, Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija

Mr. Arnold Del Rosario "Sinimulan kong gamitin ang X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer sa aking palay at mga gulay noong nakaraang tag-araw. Nakita ko ang kagalingan ng produktong ito dahil binigyan ako ng maraming suwi at mahahabang uhay kung kayat nadagdagan ang aking neto. Kayat nag-papasalamat ako sa X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer at patuloy kong ginagamit kasama ang aking mga kasamang magsasaka."

Mr. Arnold Del Rosario
Rice/Vegetable BLO Financier
Brgy. Sto.Rosario, Sto.Dgo., Nueva Ecija

Mr. Ponciano Galang "Una kong ginamit ang X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer microorganisms sa aking talong. Pagkatapos kong gumamit ng unang pataba at nakita ko ang mabilis na paglaki. Pagdating sa flowering stage ay ginamitan ko ng X-Tekh potassium at nag-tayuan ang mga dahon at dumami ang bulaklak at malalaki ang naging bunga kayat pag-dating sa palengke ay pinag-aagawan at humaba ang buhay at tumagal ng mahigit isang taon. At sa palay ay tumanim ako ng 1st week ng November, sinagupa ko ang lakas ng hangin at salakas at bisa ng X-Tekh ang area ko na 9600 sqm. ay amani ako ng 135 at tumimbang ng 54,55,56 per cavan kumpara sa mga katabing bukid na may dalawa hanggang dalawat kalahating ektarya ay umani lamang ng 120 at 125 cavans. At sa aking kalamansi ay ginamitan ko ng X-Tekh ay lumaki at kumapal sa dami ng bunga. Sa sitwasyon naman ng aking fishpond ay ginamitan ko ng X-Tekh micro ang tubig at dumami at kumapal ang lumot at nag-kulay luntian na siyang mahalagang pag-kain ng mga isda at naging mabilis ang pag-laki ng mga isda, kayat malaki ang pasasalamat ko sa mga kinatawan ng AA BIO-TEKH ENTERPRISES Co. lalong lalo na sa NEW GENERATION X-TEKH LIQUID BIO-FERTILIZER."

Mr. Ponciano Galang
Rice/Vegetable Grower
Trialla, Guimba, Nueva Ecija

Mr. Hospicio Restar "Ginamit ko ang X-Tekh potassium sa aking isang ektaryang palay na super 82 at umani ako ng 140 cavans per hectare at nag average ako ng 57 kls.per cavan at nakasave ako ng 2 bags 14-14-14 at naka save din ako ng halagang3,000.00 pesos, malaking bagay ito sa amin na mga mag-sasaka sapagkat kasya na itong pambili ng 2 bags na bigas.kumpara sa dati kong ani na 120 cavans lamang per hectare kaya kumita pa ako ng 20 cavans sa pag-gamit ko ng X-Tekh. Kaya malaki ang pasalamat ko sa X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer bilang paunang subok kaya patuloy ko itong gagamitin sa kabuoang bukid sa susunod na sakahan."

Mr. Hospicio Restar
Financier BLO Rice /Vegetable
Brgy. Bertese, Quezon, Nueva Ecija

Mr. Francisco Asuncion "Nag-umpisa ro akong gumamit ng X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer noong nakaraaang tag-araw;At hanggang ngayon ay patuloy ko pa ring ginagamit ang X-Tekh, mas naging mabulas at dumami ang suwi at humaba ang uhay ng aking palay at nabawasan ang pag-gamit ko ng pataba.kayat nagpapasalamat po ako sa X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer."

Mr. Francisco Asuncion
Farm Owner
Brgy. Macarse Zaragoza, Nueva Ecija

Mr. Mel Castro "Una kong ginamit ang X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer sa aking ampalaya na namamarako at matatamlay ang mga talbos at ng gamitan ko ng X-Tekh microorganisms ay biglang tuminghas ang mga dahon at naging masigla ang mga talbos,at humaba ang buhay ng aking ampalaya at nadagadagan ang aking mga panahon nga aking pamimitas at nadagdagan ang aking kita.Hanggang ngayon ay patuloy ko paring ginagamit ang X-Tekh sa aking palay na kasalukuyang sumasapaw heto at gagamitan ko ng X-Tekh potassium yung kulay violet."

Mr. Mel Castro
Vegetable and Palay Grower
Road 8,V illa Rufina, Pag-Asa, Talavera Nueva Ecija