X-Tekh New Generation Bio-Fertilizer
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Dr. Nonito S. Franje
Dr. Nonito S. Franje
The effectivity of every product is manifested by its components. This is the truth that convinces me to use and recommend X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer. When I first started out on this fertilizer, it was with the belief that its use would have a beneficial effect on food production. However, I come to realize that it can be used to a far wider range of applications when I begun to work with it. Not only X-Tekh offers a solution to plant nutrition but it also promises beneficial results in the area of plant disease management.

Our farmer-owners in Region 10 especially on rubber, banana, rice, corn and vegetables used X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer because of the multiple benefits they can derive. Aside from 20 to 30% or more increase in yield compared to no X-Tekh Liquid Fertilzer application, diseases such as phytophthora bark necrosis of rubber, wilt of banana and stem and root rot disease of vegetable and minor foliar diseases were significantly managed.

The beneficial microorganisms found in the product with humic and amino acids as their base nutrients added to balance macro and micro nutrients present in X-Tekh Bio-Fertilizer make crops more productive. This is the open secret of X-Tekh Bio-Fertilizer to produce healthy plants for healthy people.

Dr. Nonito S. Franje
Professor 6 and Scientist 2 (Ret.)
Central Mindanao University
Musuan, Bukidnon
Specialization: Plant Disease Management and Crop Improvement


Mr. Butch Saavedra (with hat) Mr. Butch Saavedra (with hat) holding on to an average size ampalaya he produced in his farm without X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer. His foreman on the left is holding on to the regular size of ampalaya after applying X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer. With 4,404 hills in a 3/4 hectare, Mr. Butch Saavedra was able to harvest 48 times using X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer Microorganism and X-Tekh Liquid Potassium. The total kilos harvested was 48,848 which was sold for a total of P557,635.00

Mr. Vicente 'boy' Abejar Mr. Vicente "Boy" Abejar between his two rubber trees 6 months after treatment with X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer. Most of his trees were hit by Bark Necrosis, a physiological disorder of the rubber tree which is supposed to be irreversible making the tree unproductive. However, after spraying the trunk and the ground with X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer for 6 months, the trees recovered and can be tapped again. His farm is in the Municipality of Kitaotao, Bukidnon, very near the Poblacion.

X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer is the only product in the market which can help save the rubber plantations from this devastating irreversible physiological disorder.

Vicente 'boy' Abejar rubber farm in Kitaotao, Bukidnon Another view of Vicente "Boy" Abejar rubber farm in Kitaotao, Bukidnon. It should be noted for information that X-TEKH Liquid Bio-Fertilizer is the only product in the market today which has solved the BARK NECROSIS or DRY UP (local term for bark necrosis) problem of the rubber industry not only here in the Philippines but all over the world.

Mr. Michael Chan Mr. Michael Chan telling the farmers that the first time he applied X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer was on his 4 hectare corn farm which was hit by drought. Inspite of that calamity, he was able to harvest 5 tons per hectare while his neighbors got between 2 to 3 tons per hectare. That's why during the following planting season he decided to spray X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer on his 14 hectare corn farm. This time, with the help of X-TEKH, he averaged 7 tons per hectare.
roots of a corn plant Here is a close up of the roots of the corn plant fertilized with X-Tekh. The presence of the tertiary roots, which is abundant, will ensure adequate nutrient and water supply for the plant even in times of drought.

X-Tekh enhances and hastens root growth Again, here is living proof that X-Tekh enhances and hastens root growth. This experiment was done in the laboratory of a corporate pineapple farm in Bukidnon. Our company is now doing field trials in their farm to show that we can hasten the maturity of the plant thereby advancing the flower inducement and ultimately come up with a shorter growing and harvesting cycle with a higher brix level as bonus. Not to mention the prevention of phythopthera and nematode attack on the roots of the pineapple. The plants in the middle and on the far right were dipped in X-Tekh with 100ml and 50ml dilution while the one on the left was not treated with X-Tekh.

Potato cuttings at the laboratory in the Northern Mindanao Agricultural Research Center at Dalwangan, Malaybalay City Potato cuttings at the laboratory in the Northern Mindanao Agricultural Research Center at Dalwangan, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon. These are treated with X-Tekh to hasten rooth growth and ensure survivability of the planting materials. X-Tekh is the only product that has solved the problem of root growth which NOMIARC has faced for a long time.
X-Tekh has helped the project by preventing damping off and root rot which are all caused by the pathogen pythium The one incharge of the cuttings inspecting the growth of the plants which will be transplanted later on either to the fields or to pots for seed production. Again, X-Tekh has helped the project by preventing damping off and root rot which are all caused by the pathogen pythium which results in more than 30% mortality of their planting materials prior to their use of X-Tekh. This is made possible because of the presence of Trichoderma in X-Tekh. Just one of the 9 beneficial microorganisms incorporated in the formulation of X-Tekh.
Mr. Greg Tatoy
Mr. Greg Tatoy is one happy farmer after spraying X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer on his bell pepper in his farm in New Ilocos, Dalwanga, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon.

Mr. Felizardo Another satisfied tomato grower from New Ilocos, Dalwangan, Malaybalay City, Budkidnon, Mr. Felizardo "Toti" Resullar.

Mr. Dave Porticos Mr. Vernie D. Fortes (center) of X-Tekh and Mr. Dave Porticos (farm owner - right) infront of the rice field where only organic fertilizer was used with X-Tekh.

The results of the trial showed that rice fertilized with X-Tekh had a heavier germination index, extensive root systems, sturdier stems, synchronous flowering, heavier seed weight, resistant against diseases, increased leaf area, resistant to lodging, early recovery from stress after transplanting,vigorous seedling, uniform plant stand, stay green character of the flag leaf, 100% filled grain per panicle, higher yield and promotes a synthetic pesticide free rice.


Mr. Bernardo Tario Dela Peña "Subok na subok ko na talaga ang X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer. Sa tatlong ektarya kong maisan, gumamit ako ng 6 na litrong X-Tekh at 18 na sakong inorganic fertilizer at umani ng 280 sacks shield. Sunod na taniman, hinati ko ang area ng maisan at ginamitan ko ng ibang granular na organikong pataba plus 10 na sakong inorganic at umani ito ng 145 sacks shield at sa kalahating area gumamit ako ng 3 litrong X-Tekh plus 9 inorganic fertilizer at umani ng 165 sacks shield, mas malaki ang ani at mas mabigat pa kumpara sa granular na organiko. Sa ngayon X-Tekh na talaga ang gamit ko at mas tumaas pa ang ani. At sa taas ng inorganic fertilizer sinubukan ko rin sa maliit na area ang puro-purong X-Tekh at nakita kong maganda ang resulta".

Mr. Bernardo Tario Dela Peña
Brgy. San Isidro Tampakan South Cotabato

Mr. Renate Montoya "Ngayong gumamit ako ng X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer, mas maaga akong naglilipat tanim ng mga punla - 9 na araw lang imbis na 2 linggo noon. Nakita ko na mas mabilis lumaki ang mga punla at pantay-pantay ang taas o sukat. Malaki ang puno at walang dumping off. Limang araw tapos lipat tanim, diniligan ko ng X-Tekh Micro 30ml/16L na tubig at mabilis ang recovery. 20 araw mula lipat tanim, namumulaklak na at binombahan ko ng X-Tekh Potassium 30 ml/16L na tubig. 45 DAT, may ani na ako at bihira na akong mag bomba ng fungicide. Maganda talaga ang resulta ng X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer".

Mr. Renate Montoya
Brgy. Topland, Koronadal City


Mr. Marcelino 'Dodong' Lumantao "Bilib ko sa epekto sa X-Tekh, lig-on and punuan sa palay, tulo (3) ra ka sako nga abono akong gigamit sa akong nubenta arias (9,000 sq. m) pero nakaharvest ko ug 100 ka sako nga palay sa tag 60 Kgs./sako; Tung una sa wala pay X-Tekh moharvest lang ko ug 70 - 72 ka sako".

"Murag dili ko katuo kay inig spray nimo, tubig ra gyud ang imong makita walay baho unya naka pangutana ang akong anak… naa kahay effect ni Pa? Karon regular nako nga gagamit ug X-Tekh, mikunhod pa ang akong gasto sa abono. Daghang salamat sa Diyos kay adunay X-Tekh nga makatabang ug dako namong mga mag-uuna".

Fertilizer Usage/Hectare

1 Ka Sako - 14 -14-14
1 Ka Sako - 46-0-0
1 Ka Sako - 16-20-0
1 Ka Litro - X-Tekh Micro
1 Ka Litro - X-Tekh Potassium

Mr. Marcelino 'Dodong' Lumantao
Badagoy I/A Secretary