X-Tekh New Generation Bio-Fertilizer
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Dr. Rodrigo Flores Sebidos
Dr. Rodrigo Flores Sebidos
Agricultural productivity in most farmlands in the Philippines is presently being afflicted with pests and disease problems, soil degradation, low fertility and water supply and low yield that threaten the food security and sufficiency of the region. Therefore, the continuing quest for better technology that addresses these problems is being sought. Among these remedies is through a Japanese-Taiwanese technology that developed a fertilizer technology named X-Tekh Liquid Foliar Bio-Fertilizer. It is composed of X-Tekh Bio-fertilizer Microorganisms for vegetative growth and X-Tekh Potassium Bio-Fertilizer for flowering and grain development. It is a foliar liquid organic fertilizer that provides the necessary conditions to help remedy the effects of the above mentioned problems that beset rice.

Rice, a fertilizer dependent crop requires at least 4 bags of fertilizer in order to raise the yield above economic threshold. X-Tekh Bio-fertilizer can be a substitute/or in combination with inorganic fertilizer. Considering the cost of 1 bag of inorganic fertilizer now a days against X-Tekh micro/or potassium is more economical. The advantage of X-Tekh products does not reside only on the NPK content but in the presence of equally important ingredients as follows; a) beneficial micro-organisms, b) micro nutrients, c) hormones, d) organic acids, etc. that is not found in the ordinary inorganic chemical fertilizer. Based on observation, rice plants sprayed with X-Tekh compared with plants applied with inorganic fertilizer alone grow and yield better. The possibility that in the presence of beneficial microorganisms, nutrients are made available towards the roots of the plant for better growth and development is not remote. The pH neutralizing effects of micronutrients in X-Tekh is another important benefit derived by plants that regulates acidity of the soil. Beneficial microorganism such as mycorrhiza, nitrosomonas, etc.) and other nitrogen-fixing-bacteria not found in chemical fertilizer provides farmers with fertilizer free of charged. Rice farmers knows the long-term damaging effects of chemical fertilizers to the environment and it appears that X-Tekh technology is a better way of providing safer and environment friendly nutrient supply and at the same time protect the land from deleterious effects of chemical degradation of the soil.

Another important observation in the use of X-Tekh products is the reduction in the need to apply insecticide. It was noted that rice farms at VSU is pesticide-free. How this condition happened is not fully understood but it was observed that there was an increased presence of beneficial insects in the field. The use of X-Tekh potassium is another worth adopting activity as it was observed that X-Tekh potassium facilitates uniform emergence of panicles and maturity of grains. The developing grains are well developed and plants produced heavier panicles.

If these favorable attributes of X-Tekh is translated into economic benefits, farmers will have better returns from their investment principally due to timely harvest (uniform maturity of the grains), better price and less environmental risks. Therefore, using X-Tekh products lead to; better economic benefits socially equitable, sustainable and an environment-friendly technology.

Dr. Rodrigo Flores Sebidos
Department Head
Department of Plant Breeding and Genetic Resources
Visayas State University
ViSCA, Baybay City, Leyte


Mr. Miguel Arsenio Macatual P & A Larrazabal Corporation.

Campo Mayong 2007-2008 Area Size: 1.11 Ha.
Total Net Weight Tonnes: 81.48
Average LKG/TC : 2.56
Total Bags Produced: 209.40 Protocol : Pure X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer
Total : 10 Liters X-Tekh Microorganism and 2 Liters X-Tekh Potassium

Campo Tersing 2007-2008 Area Size: 3.13 Ha.
Total Net Weight Tonnes: 266.01
Average LKG/TC : 2.65
Total Bags Produced: 705.01

Protocol : Pure X-Tekh
Total : 30 Liters X-Tekh Microorganism and 6 Liters X-Tekh Potassium

Mr. Miguel Arsenio Macatual
Farm Administrator

Maria Teresita P. Malazarte "I just rely on X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer without the need of applying foliar fertilizers. X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer has a repellent action against insects".

Maria Teresita P. Malazarte
Brgy. Airport Ormoc City, Leyte

Mr. Rodrigo Galus "Base on our demo, I observed that X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer technology produced a high crop yield and improved crop weight compared to the previous harvest. I also noticed that the application produced healthier plants as a result of a decline in insect population".

Mr. Rodrigo Galus
Brgy. Airport Ormoc City, Leyte

Gloria Pening "On our rice fields, we observed a good crop standing from seedbed up to harvest without disease infestation after applying X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer. Upon harvest, there was a high percentage of full grain per panicle. The result was an increase from 60 cavans to 70 cavans, without the use of inorganic fertilizers".

Gloria Pening
Farm Administrator
Brgy. Dao Lilo-an, Leyte

Mr. Rodolfo Niez "The X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer rice demonstration gave good results. It increased our yield from 40 cavans (without X-tekh) to 72 cavans (with X-tekh). Insecticide application was minimal, weight of grains was much heavier and fertilizer requirement application was reduced as observed during the whole duration of the X-Tekh trial".

Mr. Rodolfo Niez
Brgy. Tabonok Hilongos, Leyte

Mr. Pering Terant "As an early applicator of X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer technology, I know that I am in the right track. Aside from reducing my fertilizer requirement to 50%, I even applied less amount of insecticide compared to my previous croppings. Thanks to the X-tekh technicians for sharing this wonderful product. As a small scale rice farmer, I am now practicing this fertilization protocol in per hectare basis.".

1 bag NPK
1 bag Urea
1L X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer Microorganisms
1L X-Tekh Liquid Potassium Bio-Fertilizer

Mr. Pering Terant
Brgy. Canmarating, Abuyog, Leyte

Mr. Dormel Adriano "Even though it was only a demonstration, the result of the trial was very impressive and convincing. As an accredited seed grower of the Department of Agriculture, X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer was noted to have its beneficial effect on grain formation - a very important factor for me. For 20 years in the industry, never have I encountered such results".

"Currently, I am implementing the use of X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer and have included it as my required protocol in seed growing".

2 bags NPK
2 bags Urea
1L X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer Microorganisms
1L X-Tekh Liquid Potassium Bio-Fertilizer

Mr. Dormel Adriano
Seed Grower
Brgy.Canario, Abuyog, Leyte

Mr. Allan Basaņas "Maganda ang resulta ng aming pagsubok gamit ang X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer sa isang ektaryang palayan sa pamamagitan ng direct seeding method. Bago mag seeding, nag-basal kami ng 1 bag complete (15-15-15). Pagkalipas ng 4 na araw, nag apply kami ng X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer microorganisms sa timplang 7 tbsp/16 L at sinundan muli pagkalipas ng 10 araw. Pagkaraan ng 20 araw, nag top dress kami ng 1 bag urea (46-0-0). Ito ay sinundan naman ng X-Tekh Liquid Potassium Bio-Fertilizer sa ika 45 araw (10 tbsp/16 L) at muli sa panicle bending ng 3 tbsp/16 L".

"Dati, nakakapag ani kami ng 85 cavans sa isang ektarya. Sa aming pagsubok gamit ang X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer, umabot ng 110 cavans kada ektarya at tumitimbang ng 64 kilos kada cavan ang ani. Kaya mag X-Tekh na tayo mga 'IGAN'!".

Mr. Allan Basaņas
Brgy. Bito, Hindang Leyte

Observations using X-Tekh Liquid Bio-Fertilizer by three rice farmers from Leyte:
  • Heavier weight of grains evident by an increase in weight per cavan
  • High crop yield shown by an increase in number of cavans harvested per hectare
  • Minimal if not unnecessary use of insecticides- Minimal use of inorganic fertilizer
  • Good crop standing- High percentage of full grain per panicle

Norma Taylori
Caridad, Baybay City, Leyte

Jerry O. Tidoy
Brgy. Palanas Albuera, Leyte

Dante Makabenta
Brgy. Togbong Kananga, Leyte


Mr. Wendell Monderes Mari Miranda, NFSP president, Medellin, Cebu - "I am very happy and satisfied with using X-tekh Bio-Fertilizer. I saved on my fertilizer cost and yet production went beyond my average yield! I have started with 100 hectares and I will expand usage of the product since I could save more. I have even recommended X-tekh to my fellow planters in NFSP".

Mr. Wendell Monderes
Farm Administrator
Miranda Farm

Mr. Crispi Tuto Tata Sevilla, Farm administrator, BOMEDCO AGRI CORP., Medellin, Cebu - "Its our 2nd year using X-tekh and bilib kami sa product! We are now in the process of expanding areas using X-tekh especially now that fertilizer is very expensive".

Mr. Crispi Tuto
Assistant Farm Operation Supervisor